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Dog Training Video

This is a dog training video filmed in High Wycombe focusing on toy play in dogs by Laura ward from animal minds alike training and behaviour. The training is based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire but all surrounding areas are covered including Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey and London. This exercise if focusing on tug of war to see how useful it is as a training exercise.

Dog Training Video | Toy Play – Tug of War

Tug of war is a great game for bonding with your dog as well as giving them the chance to let off steam and do what comes naturally to them in a controlled and safe way.

It doesn’t make them aggressive or dominant as the wife tale says and it does not matter who wins. In fact if your dog is playing with you as a friend and he wins, he will often bring the toy back to play more. The dogs usually alter their tugging strength to suit their opponent because they want it to be fun for you too, otherwise they understand you won’t want to play anymore.

But there should be a few rules for dog training:

  • Always start play with a calm dog
  • Always keep the toy low to avoid the dog jumping up
  • If the dogs teeth accidentally touch your skin then let go of the toy and walk away. Game over

Dog training video with Ollie

In this dog training video Laura plays a tug of war game with Ollie the dog. She start Ollie off in a sit and gives him a let’s play signal. As soon as he hears the signal Ollie jumps on the toy and has a nice game of tug with Laura.

In the dog training video you will see that Laura keeps the game going for about 30 seconds so he can get into the game and not get frustrated because it ends too quickly. To stop the game Laura takes his collar gently and waits for him to let go. You will see that Ollie releases the toy straight away and then Laura rewarded him with the lets play signal again.

For dogs that are new to this exercise you may be waiting a while for them to let go but the important thing is not to pull back because you don’t want it to become a conflict or a game where they get used to clamping down on the toy even harder. So just be patient, make the body go floppy and wait for them to release. As soon as they let you can start the game again so they learn that letting go is actually a really good thing.

About three quarters through the dog training video Laura tested the Dogs impulse control by waving the toy around a little close to him and he didn’t jump on to the toy until he heard the lets play signal. Once the dog is confidently releasing the toy nice and quickly you can then start to add in a word, such as drop. You start to then reinforce that the drop is a good command for letting go of the toy. You can use this exercise on dogs that also like to steal things and become possessive of toys but also as a preventative measure to make sure they don’t become possessive and that it doesn’t become a conflict to get things off them.